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Join our team—let’s work to improve health together.

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What to expect

We know the future of healthcare is digital. We give you space to develop new and disruptive solutions that have a real-world impact on digital health services. All team members benefit from a personal education budget for advancing professional goals.

Diverse & international

By joining Data4Life Asia, you will be working alongside our teams in Berlin, Potsdam, and Barcelona with people from more than 20 different countries. Each team member brings a unique, personal skill set to help reach our goal of improving global health. We collaborate with an international network of digital health experts and health professionals from around the world. Your voice can make a difference!

Values & Culture

Improve health

Data4Life is a digital health organization working to help everyone everywhere live healthier lives. Technology, data, and science are means to achieve this—never the objective.

Build trust & respect privacy

We strive to treat health data ethically, responsibly, and only in your best interest. Not for profit, but for better quality of life.

Be authentic & credible

We act with integrity. Honesty, consistency, and coherence make us credible. We want to make a difference and have a true impact on global health.

Seek truth

Challenge assumptions and dare to disagree. If something is not clear, ask. By continuously iterating, learning, and improving we change global health for the better.

Make it happen

We are straightforward, pragmatic, and solution-oriented. We get things done to improve quality of life for people and their loved ones.

Grow together

Data4Life means collaboration in the health system. We foster a respectful, open, and honest feedback culture. We are accessible across teams and hierarchies.

Embrace diversity & accessibility

Data4Life is a diverse workplace. We respect and value our differences. Diversity is an asset on our path to achieving better quality of life for everyone.

Job openings

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