The promise of
health data

Data4Life Asia develops digital health solutions with a focus on accelerating medical research and improving healthcare.


Better access to health data enables research institutions to gain new insights and maximize the benefits for patients.


Secure and ethical ways to share user-generated data strengthen the exchange between researchers, healthcare professionals, and individuals.


Data4Life Asia works together with key industry partners on digital solutions that fulfill pressing needs in society.

Unlocking the full potential of health data.

Our responsibility

Data4Life Asia is dedicated to ethical and transparent use of technology with respect to user expectations and societal norms. All patient and user data is collected with consent. We aim to help others by making more relevant data available to research.

Data4Life, the nonprofit organization headquartered in Potsdam, Germany, is certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as ISO 27001 compliant on the basis of “IT-Grundschutz.”

Data4Life research platform

With our research platform, medical researchers can access and manage their studies digitally while gaining initial insights on datasets.

Co-creation partners

With the support of trusted partners, we co-create solutions and accompany projects that have an international impact. tech blog

This hub for software engineering and design shares technical insights, news, and open source code for digital health solutions.

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